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About Us



At LCC, we strive to bring together investigatory and research-based learning, while integrating academics with creative problem solving. Here the elements of questioning, collecting, organizing and reflecting act to integrate state standards with moral development as part of lived experience. We see children as competent and confident, not as empty vessels needing to be filled but as vessels overflowing with ideas and imagination.


We are a destination for care, learning and a place of cultivating culture; encouraging good deeds and act of kindness. Our students build upon opportunities for learning in relationship to the world and community that surrounds it.

Therefore, your child will be surrounded in a warm and caring environment that will help them to reach their fullest potential. Our stimulating environment is designed for your child to explore the mysteries of the world through their own exploration. We see every child as an individual and focus on both building a trusting relationship with them and framing curriculum around their personal needs.


Encouragement is constant and plentiful as each child learns to interact with others and effectively express feelings and needs. We take great care in fostering self-esteem.

Meet Our Founder

Joanna - Director/Founder


Joanna is an innovative leader dedicated to creating nurturing environments that inspire children to learn, grow, and thrive. With her passion for early childhood education and her entrepreneurial spirit, Joanna established Leap Childcare Center, an institution committed to providing exceptional care and education to young minds.


Joanna firmly believes in the power of early education in shaping a child's future and has implemented curriculums that encourage exploration, creativity, and holistic development.


Joanna’s vision continues to drive the center's success, ensuring that each child receives the foundation they need for a lifetime of learning and achievement.

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