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When classrooms contain students of varied ages, we concentrate on what children can do, rather than what they can’t do. We focus on instructing each child according to his or her own strengths.

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★ Full-Time Care
★ Infants
★ Toddlers
★ Preschool

Providing nurturing and developmentally rich environments tailored to each stage of early childhood.


12-24 months
In our infant care, we personalize a schedule that works for each child.

Infants learn most effectively when actively engaged in a process. Your child will be encouraged to express their own interests and abilities through play, language, and artistic exploration. The everyday experience involves music, movement, science, art and nature.

Baby with Toys


2-3 years

Our program promotes your child’s intellectual, social, physical, and emotional growth.

We first get to know your child as an individual and partner with you to create a supportive, nourishing, and challenging curriculum. Through observation and documentation, we create an environment that both challenges and encourages deeper thinking and inquisitiveness.

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3-4 years
We present materials through clear intention with your child's perspective in mind.

Long-term projects enable deep understanding, expanded thought processes and reflective thinking. Up to graduation, your child will flourish in our school community, and upon graduation, your child will then grow outward into our school neighborhoods. 

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