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Student-centered, constructivist self-guided, and relationship-driven.

Social & Emotional Skills


The ability to work independently as well as working well with others is extremely important. We facilitate child interactions while modeling appropriate language encouraging children to work together in a group, to aid in conflict negotiations and problem solve together. LCC supports a curriculum of kindness, compassion and unity that encompasses throughout the year.

Kids Blowing Bubbles

Language & Literacy







Language is developed with encouraging the children to talk, listen, and write –at every opportunity –what they’re observing or doing as they work and play. Books and literacy are an important and constant part of the curriculum and are always available. Children are also given access to writing materials and art utensils and are encouraged to experiment with them. 

Reading a Book








Eye-hand coordination and the strengthening of small muscles (particularly in the hands and fingers) are very important in early childhood to prepare children for gripping instruments and writing. Exercising the body’s large muscles is important because the children are still working on coordination, balance, cross body movements and more.

Happy Boy



Many of the manipulatives that help develop fine motor skills, as mentioned above, also teach math skills and concepts (e.g. building blocks of various sorts automatically offer lessons in balance, geometry, measurement, estimation, and other principles). Children are encouraged to count objects. This gives them a better concept of what numbers mean.

Boy Playing with Abacus

Science & Nature

A child’s life is full of real things to observe, discover and experience. They then have opportunities to make predictions, learn causes and effects, and be actively involved in science experiments. Watching real things happen in real time is one of the best ways to experience our wonderful world.

Kid Looking At Plant Pot



Exploration and expression are two ways of accessing the inner self. Art is a perfect forum to accomplish this. Art and music activities are designed to be open-ended and process-oriented (rather than product-oriented). Most of the time movement is apart of any music in the class. Rhythms and repetitions are subsequently introduced through music (which help math cognition).

Kid Painting
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